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Anything helps.

That was the battle cry in 1969, when a group of dedicated individuals decided “to bring something rare and unusual to the Keys”-The Middle Keys Concert Association…Now The Florida Keys Concert Association.

Today, ticket sales do not fully cover the cost of booking the national and international artists that make our program so special (our series of twelve concerts costs approximately $100,000 to produce)  And this year has been especially challenging thanks to Irma. Like so many in the Keys, Irma hit the FLKCA hard, drastically affecting ticket sales.

Help us to continue this 50 year tradition of bringing great music to the Keys!

Anything helps.


$25, $50 contributes to our organization

$100 Helps us house our musicians

$500-$1000 helps us bring in musicians and store our instruments!

$2500-$5000 Pays for an entire concert!